Prof. Dr. Akkal Dev Mishra

akkaldevmishraDr. Akkal Dev Mishra
Department of Chemistry
Tribhuvan University
Prithvi Narayan Campus
Pokhara, Nepal

Academic Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D): University of Delhi, 2004 (2060 B.S.)

        Title of Thesis: Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Meditional Heterocyclic Compounds.

  • Master of Philosophy: University of Delhi, 2001 (2057 B.S.)

        Title of Thesis:  Microwave Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compounds.

  • Master of Science: Govt. Post Graduate College, Pithoragarh, Nainital, India, 1989 (2045 B.S.)

Title of Thesis: Extraction and Characterization of Natural Products.

Area of Specialization: Synthetic Organic Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry.

 Area of Interest: Synthesis of medicinal compounds and Environmental Chemistry.

Recent Publications:

  1. An Eco-friendly Route of Synthesis of Quinolines, J. Nep. Chem. Soc., Vol. 27, 2011.
  2. A Green Methodology for the Synthesis of Some New Lactams, Journal of Institute of Science and Technology, Vol. 16, 2010.
  3. An Expeditious Route for the Synthesis of Thiadiazolo- pyrimidin-2-thiones Using Microwaves, Tribhuvan University Journal, Vol. 27, no. 2, 2010.
  4. Solid Supported Synthesis of 3,4- Dihydrobenzo[2,3-d] Pyrimidines, Nepal Journal of Science and Technology, vol. 11, 2010.
  5. A New Route for the Synthesis of Quinazolinones, Nepal Journal of Science and Technology, Vol. 12, 2011.