Prof. Dr. Ridish Pokhrel

ridishkpokhrelDr. Ridish K. Pokharel
Tribhuvan University
Institute of Forestry
Pokhara Nepal



  • Doctor of Philosophy (PH.D.) : Michigan State University, USA

Ph.D. Thesis: An evaluation of community forestry program in Kaski district of Nepal: A local perspective

Master’s Degree: Araneta University, Philippines

People’s participation in Social Forestry program in Batangas, Philippines;

AREA OF SPECIALIZATION: community forestry, institutional assessment, evaluation of community based program from local perspective

INTEREST AREA: institution and governance, community based forest management, gender and equity, and climate change and household level adaptive capacity


  •  Factors influencing the management regimes of Nepal’s community forestry
  • Generating income from Nepal’s community forestry: Does timber matter?
  • Development of community infrastructures through community forestry funds: what infrastructure gets priority?
  • Pro-poor programs financed through Nepal’s community forestry funds: Does income matter?
  • Improving the benefits to poor from community forestry: Is it the same for women?
  • Scores for effective forest conservation: A village to village approach
  • Nepal’s community forestry: Need of better governance
  • Nepal’s community forestry funds: Do they benefit the poor?
  • Common property forest management in the hill region of Nepal
  • Timber forest management in Nepal and Japan Community forestry: A handing over process