Dr. Krishna Raj Tiwari

krishnarajtiwariDr. Krishna R Tiwari
Associate Professor
Tribhuvan University
Institute of Forestry
Pokhara Nepal
Mobile: 9849019884
Email: krishna.iof@gmail.com


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PH.D.) : Norway

Ph.D. Thesis: Sustainable Land Management for Agriculture Production in Middle Mountain of Nepal in the Changing Context

  • Master’s Degree:  MSc Soil Science- Philippines

Master’s thesis: Nitrogen Accumulation and Biomass Production of the Green Manure crops in production of Sweet Corn under Acid Soil

AREA OF SPECIALIZATION: Soil and Natural Resource Management

INTEREST AREA: Natural Resource Management, Climate change Impact and Adaptation Assessment,   REDD+ , Food Security and Livelihood Assessment

MAJOR PUBLICATIONS                        

  • Tiwari, K. R., Awasthi, K.D., Balla, M.K. Sitaula, B.K. (2010). Local people’s perception on Climate Change, its impact and adaptation practices in Himalaya to Terai regions of Nepal. Himalayan Journal of Development and Democracy, Nepal study Center, The University of Maxico, US (5:56-63).
  • Tiwari, K. R., Sitaula,B. K., Bajracharya, R. M., and Børresen, T. (2010)  Effects of soil and crop management practices on yield, income and nutrients losses  from upland farming systems in the Middle Mountains Regions of Nepal. Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystem (84:241-253).
  • Tiwari, K. R., Nyborg, I. P., Sitaula, B. K., Paudel, G. S. (2008) Analysis of the sustainability of upland farming systems in the Middle Mountains region of Nepal. International Journal of Sustainable Agriculture (6: 289-306).
  • Tiwari, K. R., Sitaula, B. K., Nyborg, I. P., and Paudel, G. S. (2008) Determinants of Farmers’ adoption of improved soil conservation technology in a Middle Mountain watershed of Central Nepal. Environmental Management (42:210-222)
  • Pokharel, R. K., Rayamajhi, S. and Tiwari, K. R. 2012. Nepal’s Community Forestry: Need of Better Governance, (Book Chapter), In C. A. Okia (ed.), Global Perspectives on Sustainable Forest Management, INTECH Open Access Publisher: 43 -58. http://www.intechopen.com/books/global-perspectives-on-sustainable-forest-management/nepal-s-community-forestry-need-of-better-governance