Dr. Uma Nath Baral

umanathbaralDr. Uma Nath Baral
Associate Professor
Department of Political Science
Tribhuvan University
Prithvi Narayan Campus
Pokhara Nepal
Mobile: 0977-9846050739
Email: uma_baral@hotmail.com


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PH.D.):  2012. Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu

Ph.D. Thesis:  The Magars in Politics: A Case Study of  Palpa, Kaski and Myagdi Districts

  • Master’s Degree: Political Science

Master’s thesis: Human Rights in Nepal

AREA OF SPECIALIZATION: Ethnic Politics and Democracy

INTEREST AREA: Democracy, Ethnicity, Political Sociology/anthropology, & Political Parties.


  • Political Parties and Ethnicity:  Blending of Identity among Magars In Jouranal of Political Science Vol.   XI  &  XII, December 2011
  • Democracy and Democratisation in Nepal: Perspectives on Transition, Transformation and Consolidation in Pragyaprabhaha, Vol. 2,  Oct. 2011
  • Ethnic Mobilization towards Democracy and Federalism: The Magar Perspectives at the Local Level in Journal Of Political Science, Vol. X, December 2009.
  • Ethnic Activism in Nepal: An Account of the Magar Organisations  in Kaski, in Contribution to the Nepalese Studies (CNAS) Vol. 35
  • Federalism: Its Concept and Relevance in Nepal ( Chhetri Aawaj 2009 in Nepali)
  • Local Democracy and Local Government: A Case Study of the DhikurPokhari VDC Kaski, Nepal,  A chapter in Local Democracy in South Asia edited by David Gellner and Krishna Hachhethu
  • Principles of Political Science (Textbook in Nepali)
  • Election in Nepal: A Case Study of Kaski District
  • Dalits Representation in Local Government: A Case Study of Kaski District