From the Chairperson’s desk

PNTNow Nepal has been established as Federal Democratic Republic country. Nepalese people are prone to be free from the centralized feudal system that began centuries ago. In this situation intellectuals should think in novel way and it is today’s necessity to identify new sectors for development. To fulfill these objectives Nepal Intellectual Forum (NepIF) has been established on 18th January 2010 (4th Magh, 2066 B.S.).

Nepal Intellectual Forum is an organization which seeks to play an important role in the multi sector development of Nepalese society through study and research of different sectors like economic, political, social, natural, cultural and science and technology. This forum focuses on introducing Nepalese society internationally together with the development of science and technology. It is a research oriented organization which acts as intellectual bridge that gives suggestion regarding every subject to Nepalese society.

NepIF believes that for the all round development of the country it should search new sectors and relate with Nepalese society. The main hindrance for the development of Nepal is centre oriented thought. The priority of today’s intellectuals should be to get rid of this kind of centre oriented thought. Even if they live in different parts of the country they should search for development, construction sector, establish new centers for economic development, study and research in multiple sectors with confidence, plan for balanced development of every sector of country and connect people living in different parts with development in science and technology. The forum believes that if the intellectuals leave behind the centre oriented and parasitical thought and think in new way, Nepalese society can be connected with the world of twenty first century. NepIF is continuously moving towards this direction.

Recently the interest and boundary of intellectual research in Nepal is getting broad which is good news. But our intellectual research is not going ahead in expected manner with diverse social context, subject area and social usefulness. Intellectual research activities which are not connected with social life and national necessity are short lived and not very meaningful. NepIF is moving towards the direction of conducting intellectual research through identification of diverse subject matter of Nepalese social development.
NepIF heartily requests Nepalese intellectual community to be connected with it and to accelerate intellectual research activities for national development form where we are.

Prof. Dr. Pashupati Nath Timalsena